PERSONAL TRAINING: Imagine being so focused
that the workout you once perceived to last forever now seems over in minutes, leaving you wanting more. Instead of feeling beat up and exhausted, you feel refreshed and alive.
All programs consist of comprehensive sessions, tailored to your individual needs, abilities, and goals. Our objective is to enhance your training experience, and reach your goals through education, motivation and determination.
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Are you ready to stop the crazy  cycle once and for all and train smart?
At One-On-One Fitness Private Studio, you don't compete with anyone for our complete attention, or for the use of top-of-the-line equipment. Instead, you'll find it surprisingly easy to focus on yourself and take control of your body. With sessions at $75 there's no more excuses not to get started!
BOXING: Boxing fitness is guaranteed to whip you into the best shape of your life! Boxing will improve  flexibility, agility, stamina and coordination (just to name a few). You can do it as a fun way to get into shape, to brush up on your skills, learn to defend yourself and more!  You don't necessarily have to go as far as fighting in the ring- a little sparring mixed in your routine can make for a fantastic workout!

If you're looking to change up your routine or try something new, why not implement boxing? If you're motivation is lagging, let Luis get you moving again- he doesn't mess around! 

Sessions start at $75 for private  one-on-one training. 
NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING: We design a specially formatted nutritional guide arranged distinctly for you. We determine which foods will best help you achieve your desired goals. 

We take everything into consideration to better comply with your needs.You’ll soon realize why you felt sluggish, or drained of energy, and will see and feel results in as quickly as two weeks!

Nutrition is the building block of our bodies. We'll teach you to have a solid foundation, and rest assured, you won't look at food the same way again!

Each individual will receive their own nutritional guide geared towards their lifestyle and goals. 

Additional nutritional workshops and lectures are available soon for a nominal fee.

CARDIO FITNESS: No matter your program of choice, cardio is a must! As a part of your Personal Training and Boxing program, cardio will be included.
The first step towards your new beginning! Each individual will be assessed to evaluate and determine current physical fitness and decide on a workout program created specifically for them. 



$75 BOXING CONSULTATION: A must in order to evaluate current fitness level and introduce the mechanics of boxing. Consultations will be tailored to each individual. 

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